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Below is a blog list of many of my fellow Lync'ers out there. I encourage you to check them out, as they have a wealth of information you can't find anywhere else, including TechNet.

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  1. Hi Ken,
    I studied your article (Configuring Lync for External Access)and now I'm trying to publish link services for my external users.
    Please consider this scenario : (See the link)

    And Suppose that we have test.local as internal domain and as external domain (Internet).

    I use split-brain DNS solution and create zone beside the test.local zone in the Internal DNS server.
    I add as default SIP domain for all users. In internal network users can login to their lync clients using (because of split-brain DNS configs. In internal zone, points to local IP address of Lync server (FEPool)) And in the external DNS, we have zone and I create these records :

    FQDN IP Address

    My external DNS console does not support SRV records and I can't create SRV records in the zone.
    I use my internal CA (ADCS) for both internal and external clients. I installed certificate manually in trusted root node for all clients.

    Now my questions are :
    1) If I want to set manually, which A records or IP should be the Intrenal and External Server address ?

    2) I use another TMG as edge firewall, I set 4 NAT rule for one-by-one NAT :

    Source: --> NAT --> Destination:
    Source: --> NAT --> Destination:
    Source: --> NAT --> Destination:
    Source: --> NAT --> Destination:
    and temporary allow all incoming and outgoing traffic from Internet.
    Are these configurations true?

    Best Regard . . .