Friday, August 19, 2011

Ken's UC Blog Turns 1!

It was a year ago that I first dipped my toe into the blogosphere.  I really had no idea what I was going to blog about, outside of a few vaguely formed thoughts.  At first, there was very little traffic.  Every day, I would get excited over seeing anybody visiting my blog.  Now, I've built up what I hope is a fairly respectable set of posts that seem to regularly turn up in searches and I get just under 10,000 page visits a month.

I hope I can continue providing helpful information about Lync and Exchange UC related in the next year and beyond!
Here are some of my site stats collected over the last year....

Top 5 Visits by Country
USA        38%
UK            9%
Canada      6%
Germany    4%
Australia    3%

Top 5 Browsers
Internet Explorer  60%
Firefox                 19%
Chrome               13%
Safari                    4%
Opera                   1%

Top 5 Operating Systems
Windows    90%
Macintosh    4%
Linux            1%
iPad             1%
iPhone          1%