Friday, October 12, 2012

Lync 2013 is Code-Complete

For those who haven't heard through Twitter or other channels, Lync 2013 is code-complete, with a general availability target of first quarter 2013 as part of the Office 2013 suite.  It isn't clear from the announcement, but this is for the Lync 2013 CLIENT, not server.  Since Exchange 2013 and Sharepoint 2013 have been announced, I'm sure we'll be hearing about Lync Server 2013 achieving the same milestone fairly soon.

UPDATE: Well, confusion reigned among some of the MVP mailing lists.  While some were saying the Lync 2013 announcement was for the client, others were saying it was for the server.  Seeing how all the other servers in the "suite" have been announced, I think its safe to say that Lync Server 2013 is part of it.


  1. I think you'll find that they are using Lync as the overall product name and not defining between server and client.

    1. Hey Chris,
      I checked with them and they confirmed the announcement was for the client, not the server piece. It is definitely confusing since they've always differentiated client and server by using "Lync 2013" and "Lync Server 2013" respectively. Another post referred to "Exchange 2013", "Sharepoint 2013" and "Lync 2013", which implies they are talking about Lync Server 2013. *sigh* I hear a server announcement is still to come.


  2. Any insights about Lync-Skype sync?