Friday, December 9, 2011

Lync Mobility Documentation Now Available

The Lync Mobility Planning, Deploying and Monitoring documentation and associated autodiscover service are now online.  Get the documentation here and the server bits here.  The Windows Mobile 7 client will be available on Monday, December 12.  The iOS and Android clients should be available sometime that same week (pending the appropriate market approvals).

The documentation surrounding this is quite complex.  This is not a simple setup.  Already, people are finding out what happens when you try to blindly run setup for the autodisover service (see  It pays to read the documentation carefully before running setup.

One thing that I find disappointing is the requirement for a new DNS namespace (lyncdiscover and lyncdiscoverinternal).  When I was at the Exchange 15 summit last August, they made a big deal about reducing the number of namespaces required for a functional Exchange deployment.  I hope there's a good reason why the Lync team has decided to increase the namespace requirements for Lync.  Why not use the existing SRV-based infrastructure to publish the required information?

There's a Microsoft conference this afternoon about the Lync mobility service.  Hopefully there will be an explanation about this.  I will update this post with more information as I get it.


  1. Hi Ken,

    any update on the use of an SRV record instead of the lyncdiscover CNAME?


  2. No, there is no change in the requirements for lyncdiscover. You can't use an SRV record for this purpose.


  3. So, have you finished deploying the service yet? I managed to get it working with the WP7 client yesterday, and already fought with troubleshooting a couple of issues after the fact. I wrote about it at

  4. I have also deployed this and have gotten the client to work for internal users. However, I am failing at getting this to communicate through the reverse proxy. Lots of tips for using TMG, but nothing generic enough for SQUID. I would hate to be forced to deploy TMG just for the 1 app.

    When I get a working config, I'll be sharing, but trial and error on this is getting very frustrating.