Monday, August 30, 2010

Migrating Exchange 2007 UC Custom Prompts to 2010 SP1

If you've migrated from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010, you may have experienced some frustration at Microsoft's documentation on how to migrate UC custom prompts (customized audio files for UM autoattendants etc) to Exchange 2010.  A bit of background:  When you recorded a custom greeting for an Exchange 2007 autoattendant or dialplan, the audio file got copied to a fileshare known as the prompt publishing point, a folder that stored all the audio files for a given dialplan.  The Exchange File Distribution Service would copy the audio files to other UM servers in the dialplan.  In Exchange 2010, the audio files are now stored in a system mailbox.  Since there is no automatic synchronization of custom prompts between Exchange 2007 and 2010, some migration process is necessary to copy the 2007 custom prompts to 2010.

A Technet article helpfully explained how to migrate individual custom prompts, but the process was far too tedious to migrate any more than a handful.  I created a simple Powershell script that did the job fairly nicely for a client with several hundred custom prompts, but it still involved multiple steps and had to be run directly on each UM publishing point.  I was going to publish the details here, but I don't need to do that now.

Thankfully, with the release of Exchange 2010 SP1, there is now a very simple way to migrate ALL your custom prompts with a single Powershell script provided by Microsoft: MigrateUMCustomPrompts.ps1.  You can find the script in the Scripts folder on any Exchange 2010 SP1 server installation (or even on the DVD).  Just run the script without any switches and it will copy all custom prompts from all publishing points into Exchange 2010.

A VERY helpful script that hasn't seen much publicity yet.

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